Polski Ład. Będą rekompensaty dla pracodawców

Firmy pozytywnie oceniają przepisy, które mają zrekompensować im zmiany związane z Polskim Ładem. Zwracają jednak uwagę, że przedsiębiorcy będą sami musieli ocenić, czy bardziej korzystny będzie dla nich nowy mechanizm, czy dotychczasowy.

Richard Branson: 'I would love Jeff Bezos to come and see our flight off'

Richard Branson, the British billionaire and entrepreneur, announced late Thursday that he would attempt to go to space on July 11, just nine days before the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, will make his own spaceflight. But even as he effectively cut ahead of Bezos, Branson dismissed the notion of it being a „race” and went so far as to invite his fellow billionaire to come watch.

Analysis: A political scandal is swirling in Britain. But Boris Johnson is unlikely to drain the swamp

Much of Donald Trump’s success early in his political career came from his promises to „drain the swamp” of Washington DC. The former US president was referring to the enormous power held by wealthy lobbying groups who try to influence government officials to make policy decisions that might benefit the interests of those they represent.

From Nobel laureate to global pariah: How the world got Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopia so wrong

​​”Abiy, Abiy,” the crowd chanted, waving Ethiopia’s tricolor flag and cheering as the country’s new prime minister, dressed in a white blazer with gold trim and smiling broadly, waved to a packed basketball arena at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, part of a whirlwind three-city tour of the United States to woo the diaspora.